Prince - Around The World In A Day

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Open your heart, open your mind
A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time
And laughter is all you pay
Around the world in a day, oh!
Around the world in a day

Now dig...
Loneliness already knows you
There ain`t no reason 2 stay
Come here, take my hand, I`ll show you
I think I know a better way, y`all

Around the world in a day, ow!
(Listen 2 me now)
Around the world in a day
All the babies sing it now

Ooh la, la
Ooh la, la, la, la
No, sha, sha
No, no shouting every day (No shouting every day)
No shouting (No shouting)
No, no shouting
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
The little one will escort you
2 places within your mind
(The former is red, white, and blue)
Former is red, white, and blue!
(The latter is a purple climb)
The latter is a purple - come on and climb!

Around the world in a day, sugar (Oh, baby)
Around the world in a day
Come on, say it!
Around the world in a day
Say papa, I think I wanna dance!

(In summer she?? S sweeter)

Around the world in a day {repeat to fade}
Oh yeah!
All the little babies sing around the world
A government of love and music boundless in its unifying power {fade out}
A nation of art 2 production
Sharing ideas, a shower of flowers

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