Prince - All My Dreams

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All my dreams
All my dreams, all my dreams

I`ll see you 2night in all my dreams
All my dreams
My spirit`s in flight in all my dreams
All my dreams
A submarine valiantly conquers a virgin sea
A child is born, a child is born, will you marry me?

I`ll teach you 2night (2night, 2night) in all my dreams
All my dreams
U`ll be so surprised (surprised, surprised) at things U`ll see
All my dreams
Africa, Cap`n Crunch, Norma Jean, s** and Cheerio`s
Play my record double speed, feel the climax fit 4 a king

Just fun, nothing ethereal

Here ye, here ye, one and all
That the double speed playhouse is making a call

Welcome, this is where I live
This is where I dream my dreams
2night we`ll make love until the world stops turning
U`re small but very strong
You move like a cat: quickly but gentle
So insane
He caressed her in her eyes and licked her abdomen
She shivered with delight
Over and over she nibbled his ear
U`d think it was wrong 2 have so much fun
He held her tightly until it almost hurt
But his hips, they moved so slowly
She wanted 2 stop breathing
You can feel every curve of her womanhood
You can see every thought in his brain
A submarine slowly moves through the virgin sea
Oh so slowly
She wants 2 stop breathing
You... You can feel every curve

Lisa, I`m gonna give you the brush and U`re gonna paint the side of the train

She squeezes tighter as the submarine goes deeper in depth
Into the unnavigated territory
A smile, ever so slight, appears on his face as she starts 2 cry
Until they come, 2gether, slowly
They wish 4 somethin`, as if they could see a parallel future in the sea
They do not speak
They only stare out the moment in time

Marry me 2day and 2night we`ll make love until the world stops turning
(I`m dreaming of a world)
(Wherein there shines the sun)
(Wherein there lay the stars)
(Wherein there lie the stones)
Gentle, but quickly

We`ll travel 2night in all my dreams
All my dreams

All my dreams, all my dreams
Goodness will guide us if love is inside us
The colors are brighter, the bond is much tighter
You know no child`s a failure
Until the blue sailboat sails him away from his dreams
Don`t ever lose, don`t ever lose
Don`t ever lose your dreams

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