Prince - A Million Days

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It`s only been a hour since you left me
But it feels like a million days
If I had a magic wand I could turn back time
I`d never let you go away

I didn`t have the heart to say I`m sorry
Now I haven`t got a heart at all
I could tolerate the pain if I could talk to my best friend
But you won`t even call

I`m contemplating pulling out my suitcase
And packing everything I own
I didn`t back then but I do know now
Wherever you are is home
I`ll crawl on my belly and beg you
But you`re so far away
You`ve only been gone for an hour
But it seems like a million days

It`s only been a hour since you left me
I wish I had somebody to blame
But you`re the perfect picture of what love should look like
And I want to be you`re frame
It`s only been a hour but it feels like a million days

A million days
One hundred thousand million days
Come home, come home baby
I can`t take this no more
Well, come home baby oh yeah
Baby, I know I shouldn`t put my faith in heroes
But I can`t see you any other way
It`s only been a hour since you left me girl
Feels like a million, feels like a million days

Come home baby

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