Prince - 5 Women

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It took five women to getcha off of my mind
It took five months, a plenty good wasted time
But it just took five minutes when I saw your face again
To fall in love all over, I guess with you I`ll never win

March was a cold one in more ways than one
Went down to the nightclub lookin` for the sun
Lookin` for a light that could brighten up a day
That`s been darker than a hole since you went away

April usually brings showers
This time it was a hurtin` kind
This woman said she wanted my baby
I told her I`d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind
To fall in love with someone that I barely knew
The baby would never really have a father
Cause I still, `cause I still, `cause I still, still, still, huh
Be stuck on you

It took five women to getcha off of my mind
Get off my mind, baby
Fallin` in love all over...you I`ll never win

May was her name, she was jumpin`
Jumpin` from plane to plane
Actress or model or somethin`
Can`t even remember her first name

June brought an Easter bunny
Needless to say, hmph, that girl was late
Told a made-up story to a busy-body of our only date
What a sketch!

July was a heartbreak, extraordinary
Said I met this woman whose kiss was somethin` scary
It felt so much, so much like yours
But it only made me, made me want you more
She`s gone, she`s gone but you`re still here
I want you very...huh, it`s you I fear

But it took five women to get you off my mind
It took five months, five months, a plenty good wasted time
But it just took five minutes and I saw your face again
I fell in love all over with you, I guess I`ll never win
(I`ll never win)

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