Prince - 1+1+1 Is 3

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If you ain`t got no place to stay
Come on baby `round this way
Stay with me baby
But let me tell you how it`s gonna be

There`s a theocratic order.
There`s a theocratic order now

This is how it`s gonna be
If you wanna be with me
Ain`t no room for disagree
One+one+one is three

Take you`re time and think it through
If this is what you wanna do
I ain`t really that hard to please
Cause one+one+one is three

Stroke you`re hair a hundred times
Let me see what I can find
Do you know about the order.
Do you know about the order, now?

The banished ones

"We are the banished ones and we have come to dance
If you will not let us, we`ll have to kick you`re pants!"

Who`s that knockin` on are door?
Didn`t we throw you out before?
I`m `bout to get rowdy!
I`m `bout to get rowdy, now!
Make me wanna do something.

We could be surrounded in the palace
"Everybody wants to get you!"
I don`t care

How many y`all just came to dance?
Let me see you shake you`re pants
We don`t give a duck what you got on
You just need to work that sexy body all night long
Come on

Where them banished ones at?
"Said they `round the back"
Don`t cut `em no slack
"I`m gon` tap, tap, tap"
But should I keep this party going?
"Brother you know that!"

Moneyapolis, sing-Rainbow Children, raise you`re hands
If we can`t do it, nobody can!

Here they come y`all
Rally `round the palace now
You know what we got to do!

How`d that fool get up in here?

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